Veratron Release Product Catalog 2020!

Lots of exciting new products to look in to! We’ve looked over the catalog and noticed some amazing changes coming. Start with the MAST displays units, You can now use the AquaLink 7 inch displays in sets of 3 or even vertically with a software update. As pictured below.

The new Oceanlink 2.2TFT Display makes it’s debut in this catalog. Offering many features and a much smaller size. Compatible with J1939/Nmea2000 and analog signals.

Easylink Flex allows you to configure a gauge using your phone by NFC. (What is NFC?) The gauges can be programmed wirelessly if your phone supports NFC. Most phones do. If you’re currently paying wirelessly with a phone then it supports NFC. The EasyLink Flex brings a 1.44TFT Display with full color support. These gauges are meant for single data usage. This gauge is part of the OceanLink 52mm Gauges. Page 32 in their new catalog.

The ViewLine Flex gauge features a sun-readable 1.44″ TFT display to always show your preferred data. Wireless configurable through the embedded NFC interface, the NMEA 2000® compatible device makes all your data available to the digital instrumentation of your vessel. It offers three configurable inputs (1x 0 – 5 V, 1x 0 – 1 K Ω, 1x frequency) designed to directly connect and display different values such as water temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, RPM, or depth.

Same image used for both. ViewLine and EasyLink Flex

They have now made a new series of hours and volt meters in to one gauge. With support of 9-48 volts! This Viewline gauge comes in 4 different bezel styles and 2 colors. As pictured below.

They have a single sensor gateway. These single-sensor gateways are designed to upgrade your vessel sensors to NMEA 2000®. Available in 4 different variants: resistive, voltage, LIN and J1939, those can be easily configured through either the embedded NFC interface or NMEA 2000® by means of our Configuration Tool.

New Veratron GO! All your boat’s data close to your fingertips. Veratron GO is NMEA 2000 certified and features an integrated GPS / GLONASS / GALILEO receiver. Compact and easy to install, it does not require any additional protection against harsh weather conditions. The GO Plus variant integrates a Bluetooth 5.1 Low Energy interface allowing the visualization of boat data on your portable devices, such as smartphone or tablet. The DATA variant provides you with Bluetooth.

The Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS) is the key element of vehicle energy management. The IBS reliably and accurately measures the battery parameters: voltage, current and temperature. All these parameters will be available via NMEA2000.

To check out the 2020 catalog please click here

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